In 2011, Chloé Rose graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a degree in Product Development. She was inspired to create a well-made swim brand that expressed her one-of-a-kind cheeky style. After dedicating the entire summer to researching every little detail of the swimwear industry, what goes into making a bikini and design, Chloé Rose launched her first collection Chloé Rose Swimwear in Santa Monica, California. Chloe opened a small kiosk a couple blocks away from the beach and was extremely nervous that she wouldn't even sell one bikini on her first day, to her surprise she was met with an incredible reception and sold multiple within the first few minutes of opening the shop. Chloé Rose worked 7 days a week, 11AM-9PM on the week days and 10AM-10PM on the weekends so she could really experience customer feedback first hand. 

 The brand is young, fun and made with beach babes in mind-- cheeky cuts, bright velours, and denim looks are found along with her signature pieces like the Overall Work It Girl one-piece and Gingham Forget Me Not bikini. 

 Today Chloé Rose still has a hand in the entire process of her brand; from designing each style to picking out fabrics and working closely with her manufacturer in California. Come find us! Chloé Rose takes her bikinis all around the West Coast-- you can find her traveling beach-to-beach in her 1973 Volkswagen Bikini Bus selling Chloé Rose Swimwear to babes at the beach!